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Handbook of Higher Education in Japan 目次


  1. Universities in Modern Japan: A Historical OutlineMito Takamichi

  2. From Showa to Heisei: The Formation of Japan’s Contemporary Higher Education SystemJeremy Breaden

  3. The Heisei Period: Plus Ça Change?Jeremy Breaden

  4. National Universities: Autonomy in Their Governance; Ideology and PracticeKawano Mako & Gregory Poole

  5. Public Universities: Prefectural, Local Higher EducationBruce Stronach

  6. Private Universities: Diverse and AdaptableJeremy Breaden & Roger Goodman

  7. Foreign Universities in Japan: Opportunities Taken and MissedAndrew Horvat

  8. The Financing of Higher Education in JapanFukui Fumitake

  9. Undergraduate Admissions: Shifting TrendsIshikura Yukiko

  10. The Hensachi: Its Dominant Role in University RankingsRoger Goodman & Chinami Oka

  11. Self-Assessment: How Japanese University Students Assess Their Learning OutcomesYamada Reiko

  12. Policies for Hosting International Students: Issues for the Post-300,000 International Students Plan EraOta Hiroshi

  13. Regional Cooperation in East Asia: Shifting RealitiesChristopher D. Hammond & Ashizawa Shingo

  14. International Students: Inbound Mobility at “Elite” and “Mass” UniversitiesShimauchi Sae

  15. Academic Support and Advising: Historical and Contemporary IssuesShimada Norihisa

  16. Women’s Universities in Japan: Life ChoicesShima Sonoko

  17. Junior Female Academics: Experiences and Challenges – Kim Yangson & Sato Machi

  18. Women of Color Leading in Japanese Higher EducationJennifer Yphantides

  19. International Faculty: Increasing MobilityThomas Brotherhood

  20. Research Universities: Science, Technology, and Innovation PolicyFukui Fumitake

  21. Liberal Arts Education: The Japanese WayMorita Norimasa

  22. The English Language in Japan: A Historical Overview 1809–2020James C. House

  23. Languages Other Than English: Mysterious EclipseFrancisco Naranjo-Escobar

  24. Critical English Curriculum Enactment: A Policy Planning PerspectiveRobert M. Higgins

  25. The Dawn of Reiwa: Waves, Revolutions and an “AI Society”Ian H. Frank & Malcolm H. Field

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