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日本の環境史ハンドブック(Fujihara Tatsushi 編)



2023年4月 1日



ISBN: 978-4-909286-14-7



本書は日本の環境史を批判的に考察するハンドブックです。第1 部「環境史のトポロジー」、第2 部「汚染事故/災害」、第3 部「自然と人間の間」、第4 部「海、湖、沿岸」、第5 部「森林」の全5 部より構成されています。




Fujihara Tatsushi

Fujihara Tatsushi is Associate Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University. His main research field is the modern history of food and agriculture in Germany and Japan. His published works in Japanese include History of the Kitchen in Modern Germany (2012), Rice Breeding in the Japanese Empire (2012), and Philosophy of Decomposition (2019). His works in English include “Erbhofgesetz in Manchukuo: A case study of the acceptance of Nazi agricultural ideology by the Japanese Empire,” in L. Fernández Prieto, J. Pan-Montojo , and M. Cabo (eds.), Agriculture in the Age of Fascism (Brepols, 2014) and “Colonial Seeds, Imperialist Genes: Hōrai Rice and Agricultural Development,” in Hiromi Mizuno, Aaron S. Moore, and John DiMoiaw (eds.), Engineering Asia: Technology, Colonial Development and the Cold War Order (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018).


Aoki Soko, Associate Professor of Environmental Sociology, Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University; Fujihara Tatsushi, Associate Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University; Hashimoto Michinori, Museum Curator, Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Museum; John Hayashi, PhD Candidate in History at Harvard University; Kobori Satoru, Associate Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University; Komeie Taisaku, Professor in Geography, Department of Geography, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University; Kozai Toyoko, Professor of Sociology at Bukkyo University in Kyoto; Yuka Tsuchiya Moriguchi, Professor in American History, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University; Nakao Maika, Associate Professor in the History of Science at Hiroshima University; Nakashima Koji, Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Institute of Human and Social Sciences, Kanazawa University;  Nishimura Takahiro, LLD, Professor of legal history at the Law Faculty, Meijo University; Cyrian Pitteloud is a graduate of the University of Geneva, where he completed his doctorate in Japanese studies; Seki Reiko, Professor in the Department of Contemporary Culture and Society, College of Sociology, Rikkyo University; Takemoto Taro, Senior Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; Uesugi Kazuhiro, PhD, Associate Professor of historical geography at the Department of History, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto Prefectural University; Yuzawa NorikoProfessor at the Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University.

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