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日本の環境史ハンドブック     Table of Contents

(Fujihara Tatsushi, editor)


Part 1: Topology of Environmental History: 

Chapter 1: Cultural Landscapes in Japan (Uesugi Kazuhiro)

Chapter 2: Japan’s Colonial Environments (John Hayashi)

Chapter 3: National Parks, Nature Conservation, War: The Development of the National Parks System in Japan, 1907-1945 (Nishimura Takahiro


Part 2: Pollution Incidents/Disasters: 

Chapter 4: The Ashio Affair: The Emergence of Industrial Pollution as a Social, Political and Environmental Issue in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Cyrian Pitteloud)

Chapter 5: Two Outbreaks of Minamata Disease and the Struggle for Human Rights (Seki Reiko)

Chapter 6: Black Rain, Lawsuits and Compensation: Radiation in the Environment and Human Exposure in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Nakao Maika); 

Chapter 7: Environmental Problems Caused by the Shinkansen in Nagoya City (Aoki Soko)


Part 3: Between Nature and Humans: 

Chapter 8: The Epidemiological Landscape and Medical Theories: Focusing on a History of Smallpox in Early Modern Japan (Kozai Toyoko); 

Chapter 9: Between Nature and Human: The History of the Use of “Night Soil” in Japan (Yuzawa Noriko);

Chapter 10: Agricultural Technology and the Environment in Modern Japan (Fujihara Tatsushi); 


Part 4: Seas, Lakes and Shores: 

Chapter 11: Regional Environmental History: The Lake Biwa Area (Hashimoto Michinori);

Chapter 12: Tokyo Bay in the 20th Century: Life, Production and Environment (Kobori Satoru);  

Chapter 13: Tuna Fisheries and Thermonuclear Tests, 1954-1963 (Yuka Tsuchiya Moriguchi ); 


Part 5: Forestry: 

Chapter 14: Japanese Swidden Agriculture: Environmental History of Grasslands, Forests and Fire (Komeie Taisaku)

Chapter 15: A History of Tree Planting in Modern Japan: Resource Utilization and Environment Conservation (Takemoto Taro)

Chapter 16: Empire Forestry Endures: The Development and Continuity of Japanese Forestry in Southeast Asia, 1930-1970 (Nakashima Koji)

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