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日本の行政と官僚制ハンドブック  目次

(Mieko Nakabayashi and Hideaki Tanaka, 編)

Introduction: The Institutional Landscape of Japanese Politics and Public Administration (Mieko Nakabayashi); 


Part 1: History of Japanese Bureaucracy: 1. The Modern Bureaucracy (Yuichiro Shimizu and Andrew Levidis); 2. Post War and Showa (Akiko Izumo); 


Part 2: System, Underlying Laws and Rules/Regulations: 3. The General Structure of Japanese Bureaucracy and Administrative Jurisdiction under the Current Law (Tsuyoshi Yoshimuta); 4. Employment Process and System: Merit System and Competitive Examination (Hideki Goda); 5. Ethics and Regulations (Hideki Goda); 6. Careers after Retirement (Masashi Nakano); 


Part 3: Relationship with Politics and the Legislative Process: 7. Legislation and Politics: A Key Public Policy Tool under Changing Governance (Masahiro Mogaki); 8. Bureaucracy in the Japanese Legislative Branch (Shu Kajita); 9. Japan’s Political and Administrative Reforms and Governance after the 1990s (Hideaki Tanaka); 10. Changing Relationship between Politics and Bureaucracy (Hiroko SHIMADA Logie); 11. Japanese Bureaucracy from a Comparative Perspective: Case Studies in Political Control over the Civil Service (Shannon Granville); 


Part 4: Bureaucracy in Practice: Latest Examples and Issues for Each Ministry: 12. Cabinet Secretariat and Office (Masaaki Kawagoe); 13. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications  (Tadafumi Kageyama, Shunsuke Kimura, and Masahiro Mogaki); 14. The National Police Agency and the Police System (Yoshiki Kobayashi); 15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Takashi Sekiyama); 16. Fiscal Consolidation and The Ministry of Finance; (Hideaki Tanaka); 17. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Robert Aspinall and John McLaughlin); 18. Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) (Masashi Nakano); 19. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  (Takumi Sakuyama); 20. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; (Akira Kawamoto); 21. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Yoshiyuki Miyoshi and Sarah Watson); 22. Ministry of the Environment (Masami Tsuji); 23. Ministry of Defense (Junjiro Shida); 24 Conclusion: The Past and Future of Japanese Public Administration and Bureaucracy (Mieko Nakabayashi)


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